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Jennifer Colby is a certified Barton Reading and Spelling tutor. She specializes in equipping individuals who have a hard time reading, writing, spelling and comprehending. She has over 3 years experience, is a wife, and a mom to two boys -  Luke, age 11 and Josh, age 8 - both of whom are dyslexic. 

When Jennifer found out that her oldest is dyslexic, she realized that she too is dyslexic (which
makes sense since it is hereditary).  She is located in Johnson County, in the not so small town of Gardner, Kansas.

She understands the frustrations parents have with their children as well as the frustrations dyslexic children are going through. Through the Barton Reading and Spelling System she works with clients on phonemic awareness, decoding, syllables and syllable types, as well as sight words, fluency and comprehension.

Jennifer loves to spend time with her family, draw, fresh air, coffee.  But, most of all, Jennifer loves to see her clients have that "light bulb" moment; when they understand WHY words are spelled the way they are.

To find out more about her services and to start building that confidence and self esteem you have always wanted for yourself or your child,  e-mail SteppingStonesOfKC@gmail.com
or call 913-286-0717


  1. We are so thankful we found Jen! She is so great with kids and she has helped give confidence my son in reading and tools to help him spell anything. The dyslexic method she uses really works!


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